abc Virginia Auto Auction Special Announcement

Due to inclement weather making it unsafe for travel in and around Virginia Beach, VA.
abc Virginia Auto Auction will be closing at 2:30PM on Friday, January 22nd 2016.

The Sale has been cancelled for Saturday, January 23th 2016.

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to serving you again on Monday, January 25th 2016.

Please be safe if you are travelling during this winter storm.

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Dealer Sales Wednesday 8:30am

Online Bidding


Online Bidding Info 
America's Auto Auction is utilizing the latest EdgeSimulcast Live Bidding System.
Online bidding is reserved for registered dealers only. In order to receive your bidding username / password you can self-register at the provided EdgePipeline link below.

For any online bidding issues, login problems, etc,
please contact our Support Help Desk at 855 793 2836 x 759 (do not call our Auction)


ACCESS EDGEPIPELINE ONLINE BIDDING NOW > (new browser window will open)


Q: I'm able to login, but don't see video and can't hear audio.
A: Download the latest version of JAVA » and restart your computer.
A: Try a different web browser. (If you are for example using Chrome, try Internet Explorer or Firefox)

Q: I'm a registered dealer, but not able to login!
A: Contact our Support Help Desk at 855 793 2836 x 759

Q: The online bidding seems to "lag" or "delay"?
A: Make sure you are using a fast reliable Internet or Wifi connection.